Push to talk over Cellular

Keep your teams connected and more productive with instant communication that has no boundaries and lets everyone be part of the conversation

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Why PTToC?

Push to talk over cellular

  • Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage

    Worldwide coverage plans available

  • 99.99% Server Reliability

    Backup by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the USA

  • Reliable Rugged Hardware, easy to use

    Expanded coverage and redundancy makes PTToC Communications more reliable that a regular conventional or DMR service even during an emergency

  • All Digital, encrypted Communications

    Upgradeable, Exceeds FCC requirements

We are the best choice


Instant communication that has no boundaries

  • Secure Push to Talk Voice

    High Definition Voice Encrypted

  • Secure Group Messaging

    Encrypted Group Text (unlimited Groups).

  • Live Location Tracking

    Real-Time Live Location (via Desktop dispatch)

  • SOS Function

    Alert all the users in case of an emergency

  • Patrol Function

    Keep records of radios in or out of an specified location

  • Voice Recording

    Record all the over the air communication

  • PC Dispatch

    Full Featured PC Based Dispatch Client


Keep your teams connected and more productive

  • Law Enforcement

    Federal, State & Local Gov't Agencies

  • Utilities

    Water, Power, Electric & General Services

  • Transportation

    Trucking, Taxi, Limo, Towing, Bus & More

  • Health Care

    Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Transportation

  • Construction

    Contractors, Inspectors, Drivers & More

  • Education

    School Districts & Universities

  • Hospitality

    Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Concierge

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